Our Approach

Anything worth doing is worth doing well. Skillful agility requires study and practice, hand in hand. Empathy is the heart of how we employ those practices to grow.

Statements of Belief

We believe in the agile manifesto as a wonderful values system on which to base decisions.

We believe if you're doing Scrum, you follow the Scrum Guide. Scrum is a great framework for team-based problem solving.

We believe if you're doing Kanban, you follow the core rules of Kanban. We believe Scrum is best when it is wrapped, inside and out, with Kanban.

We believe if you're writing software, XP's technical and team-based practices are invaluable.

We believe LeSS, as a scaling framework, provides an excellent flexible point for large-scale product based development.

We believe an agile culture cannot emerge without replacing projects with products, individual goals with team goals, and short-term planning with long-term vision.

We believe agility impacts every aspect of a culture. An organization that embraces it does so in all things.